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Being overweight increases your risk of developing several serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease. The good news is that losing even a modest amount of weight can significantly reduce the risk of these problems.

Is Alli (Orlistat) right for you ?

The right attitude goes a long way.

It's important to remember that you're not in a race - Alli (Orlistat) isn't a short-term, quick fix.

Alli (Orlistat) capsules is for adults (18 years and over)

  • Whose BMI is 28 or over.
  • Who realise that losing weight gradually and committing to healthy eating and becoming more active over the long term are essential to successful, permanent weight loss.
  • Who can adjust their eating habits to a reduced calorie, lower fat diet.
  • If you need any information talk to our Pharmacist  who has completed the Alli training programme.

What is Alli ?

Alli (Orlistat) could be the boost you've been waiting for. It's no secret that losing weight can be hard when you do it alone. You can feel like you're putting in the hard work to eat healthily and to be more active; yet sometimes the weight loss doesn't seem to match the effort you feel you're putting in. That's why Alli is really good news . Alli is the first and only non-prescription weight loss aid to be licensed for use throughout europe. It's not a miracle pill or a crash diet; it's a capsule that comes with a support programme to help you achieve gradual, steady weight loss.

When you take Alli (Orlistat) along with a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet, you can lose about 50% more weight  than by dieting alone. So for every 2lbs you lose from your own efforts, Alli can help you lose 1lb more.

How does Alli (Orlistat) work ?

Alli has a unique mode of action.

To digest the food you eat, your body releases enzymes - there are different enzymes that break down protein, carbohydrates and fats. Alli (Orlistat) works in a unique way by attaching itself to some of the enzymes that break down fat. This stops some of the fat you eat from being digested and absorbed (about 25%), so the unabsorbed fat passes naturally out of the body.

Fat is the most calorie-dense food, so preventing the absorption of some of it by taking Alli and eating reduced calorie, lower fat meals helps you lose weight.

This is how adding Alli (Orlistat) to your diet helps boost your weight loss by 50%.

Alli is formulated to work only in your digestive system and not to enter your bloodstream so it should not affect your heart rate, your brain or cause sleeplessness.

When you take Alli you don't have to eliminate fat completely. The right amount of fat helps the body absorb vitamins and perform other essential functions. You just need to limit your intake to around 15g of fat per meal. (If you don't have any fat in a meal then you don't need to take a capsule.) recommendations:

Plan your diet around the Alli support programme. (15g of fat per meal). Remember that Alli will cause 25% of the fat you swallow to come out in your motions. High fat meals will cause messy motions.

Start exercising. Don't make it too strenuous. Try walking at first. If you feel like stepping up to more then do, but take it gently. Do what you will be able to repeat regularly. (Not what you will abandon after a week).

Remember this is about your long-term health benefits from losing even a moderate amount of weight.

We know you can do it !

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