Avomine Tablets 25mg 10

Avomine Tablets 25mg 10
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Avomine Tablets 10 pack. Avomine is used for the prevention and treatment of nausea and vomiting, including motion sickness and post operative vomiting. It can also be used to treat vertigo due to Meniere's syndrome and labyrinthitis.


Motion sickness

Adults: For the prevention on long journeys: one 25 mg tablet each evening at bedtime, starting the day before setting out. The duration of action is such that a second dose in 24 hours is not often necessary.

For the prevention of motion sickness on short journeys: one 25 mg tablet one or two hours before travelling or as soon after as possible.

Treatment of motion sickness: One 25 mg tablet as soon as possible and repeated the same evening followed by a third tablet the following evening.

Nausea and vomiting due to other causes

Adults: One 25 mg tablet at night is often sufficient, but two or three tablets are sometimes necessary. Alternatively, more frequent administration such as 25 mg two or three times a day may be required for some patients. It is often not necessary to give more than four of the 25 mg Avomine tablets in 24 hours.

Children: In the above indications children over 10 years of age may be given the lower adult doses described above. Children between 5 and 10 years may be given half the adult dose.


Promethazine teoclate 25 mg.

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