prescription medicines with our online doctor service and a travel list for your holiday health needs

Travel list essentials for health

For you lucky people who are about to go on your summer holiday, we have compiled a list of travel essentials from a healthcare perspective.

Travel List:

x Passport (forget this and you will have a major headache)

x Tickets

x Health insurance

x Money and credit cards

x Prescription MedicinesWe can supply many of these through our online doctor service:

Malaria preventionoral contraceptivesPeriod delayJet lagTraveller’s diarrhoeaInfluenza treatment AllergyCystitis treatmentInhalers

also in preparation for your trip our online doctor can supply products for:

Weight LossHair loss in menAcneStopping smokingUnwanted facial hair

x Non prescription medicinesInsect repellant – Antihistamine cream – Rehydration sachets/tablets – Imodium – Condoms – Tampons/ sanitary towels – Sun cream factor 15 minimum – antihistamine tablets – pain relief

x Pair of glasses/contact lenses – including solutions and cases etc

x Basic first aid kit – plasters – Antiseptic cream/wipes – tweezers – needle – tick remover

x Sunglasses and hat

x Medical kit – if you are going to a developing country

and remember to be careful with your health on holiday:

Keep within the recommended alcohol limits. You are naturally going to want to enjoy your holiday as much as you can. Drinking a little less alcohol will not lessen your enjoyment and is likely to increase your enjoyment and you will feel better the next morning if you have consumed less.

Be aware of having your drink tampered with. If you drink a cocktail of drugs and alcohol without your knowledge it can be very dangerous. Firstly the dosage is unknown which is risky. Secondly it is being combined with alcohol. Once the effects take hold you are likely to be unable to control your actions and someone else will have complete control over you (and their plan for you may not be very nice)

Always practice safe sex. If you choose to have casual sex on holiday always wear a condom.

Accidents are more common on holiday so be wise.

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