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 Bug Buster Kit   Bug Buster Kit

Bug buster kit for head lice. Bug buster clears
the whole family of head li ...

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 RRP: 8.40 (inc VAT)
Our price: 7.40 (inc VAT)  
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 Full Marks Liquid 200ml   Full Marks Liquid 200ml

Full Marks Liquid. For the treatment of head lice
infestations. Kills lice ...

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 RRP: 10.42 (inc VAT)
Our price: 9.19 (inc VAT)  
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 Full Marks Solution 300ml   Full Marks Solution 300ml

Full Marks Solution 300ml. Kills head lice.
Clinically proven. Eliminates e ...

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 RRP: 15.92 (inc VAT)
Our price: 13.99 (inc VAT)  
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 Full Marks Solution Spray 150ml   Full Marks Solution Spray 150ml

Full Marks Solution Spray kills head lice and
eliminates eggs. Full marks s ...

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 RRP: 12.25 (inc VAT)
Our price: 10.79 (inc VAT)  
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 Hedrin Head Lice Spray Gel 100ml   Hedrin Head Lice Spray Gel 100ml

Hedrin Head Lice Spray gel eliminates head lice
and their eggs. Hedrin spra ...

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 RRP: 11.74 (inc VAT)
Our price: 10.35 (inc VAT)  
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 Hedrin Lotion 150ml   Hedrin Lotion 150ml

Hedrin 4% Lotion 150ml. Hedrin lotion eradicates
head lice. Hedrin lotion i ...

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 RRP: 11.84 (inc VAT)
Our price: 10.29 (inc VAT)  
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 Hedrin Lotion 50ml   Hedrin Lotion 50ml

Hedrin 4% Lotion 50ml.

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 RRP: 5.10 (inc VAT)
Our price: 4.15 (inc VAT)  
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 Hedrin Lotion Spray 120ml   Hedrin Lotion Spray 120ml

Hedrin 4% Lotion Spray is used to get rid of head

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 RRP: 12.23 (inc VAT)
Our price: 10.89 (inc VAT)  
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 Hedrin Treat and Go Lotion 50ml   Hedrin Treat and Go Lotion 50ml

Hedrin Treat and Go Lotion 50ml. Hedrin Treat and
Go is a fuss free head li ...

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 RRP: 5.49 (inc VAT)
Our price: 4.99 (inc VAT)  
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 Lyclear Creme Rinse 59ml   Lyclear Creme Rinse 59ml

Lyclear Creme Rinse 59ml. Used to treat head lice
infections. 10 minute tre ...

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