• Nicorette Nasal Spray 10ml

Nicorette Nasal Spray 10ml

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Nicorette nasal spray is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

As this is a pharmacy medicine, we need to ask you a few confidential questions about your use of the medicine, so that our pharmacist can assess if it is suitable for you.

Safety Questions



  • For grown-ups and children 12 years and over

Do not use Nicorette Nasal Spray if:

  • you have an allergy to  nicotine or any of the ingredients in Nicorette Nasal Spray

Before you use Nicorette Nasal Spray:

There are some circumstances (listed below) where you should consult your  doctor, nurse or pharmacist before using Nicorette Nasal Spray

  •   if you are pregnant or breast feeding - you should try to give up smoking without the use of nicotine replacement therapy
  •   if you have heart disease (including heart attack and disorders of heart rate and/or rhythm) or have suffered a stroke for which you are in hospital. In other heart conditions not requiring you to be in hospital, using NRT is better than continuing to smoke.
  •   if you have high blood pressure that is not adequately controlled by treatment.
  •   if you have a stomach or duodenal ulcer and/or inflammation of the oesophagus (passage between the mouth and stomach).
  •   if you have serious liver or kidney disease.
  •   if you have respiratory disease, especially asthma.
  •   if you have an overactive thyroid gland or have a phaeochromocytoma (a tumour of the adrenal gland that can affect blood pressure) - your doctor will have told you this.
  •   if you have diabetes - you should monitor your blood sugar levels more often when starting to use Nicorette Nasal Spray as you may find your insulin/medication requirements alter.
  •   you are taking any other medicines such as theophylline, clozapine or ropinirole. Stopping smoking may require the dose to be adjusted.


Smoking during pregnancy is associated with risks such as poor growth of the baby before birth, premature birth or stillbirth. Stopping smoking is the single most effective intervention for improving both your health and that of your baby and the earlier smoking stops the better.

Ideally, stopping smoking during pregnancy should be achieved without NRT. However if you have tried and this is not possible, NRT may be recommended to help as the risk to the developing baby is less than expected from continued smoking. The decision to use NRT should be made as early on in the pregnancy as possible with the aim of discontinuing use as soon as possible.

Products that are used intermittently may be preferable to nicotine patches. However patches may be preferred if you have nausea or sickness. Patches, if used, should be removed before going to bed at night.


Tobacco smoke produces breathing and other problems in babies and children. If you need to use NRT to help you quit, the amount of nicotine that the baby may receive is considerably smaller and less harmful than the second-hand smoke they would otherwise be breathing in. You are best to use NRT products that are taken intermittently (i.e. not patches) and try to breast-feed at a time just before you use the product to ensure that the baby gets the smallest amount of nicotine possible.

Do not use after the 'Use before' date on the box or label
Keep the pack out of reach and sight of children and animals as nicotine in high doses can be very dangerous and sometimes fatal if taken by small children

Store Nicorette Nasal Spray  protected from light

Dispose of Nicorette Nasal Spray sensibly

Nicorette Nasal Spray delivers approximately 200 sprays, each containing 0.5 mg of nicotine.

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Nicorette nasal spray is a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT).

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