Scholl Flight Socks Black shoe sizes 3-6 (36-39) 1 pair

Scholl Flight Socks Black shoe sizes 3-6 (36-39) 1 pair
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Scholl Flight Socks. Medically proven to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in flight. Clinically proven graduated compression system (factor 14-17) to improve circulation. Help to prevent swollen ankles and tired aching legs. Antimicrobial protecton keeps feet fresh and odour free. Ideal for all journeys. (Train, bus, plane, car)

For shoe sizes 3 to 6 (36 to 39)(Australian W5 to W8)

Scholl flight socks are medically proven to help prevent DVT by helping to improve blood flow. Designed for continuous comfort, they effectively help relieve tired aching legs and swollen ankles so that you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and your legs feel revitalised. Scholl flight socks are ultra soft, have a comfort top and look and feel like normal socks.


Scholl flight socks are designed to be worn in place of normal socks throughout your entire journey. Always wear both socks and ensure they are pulled up to just below the knee. A detailed information leaflet is included in this pack.

Compression level: 14-17 mmHg (18.7-22.7hPa).

Measure around the calf and around the ankle for sizing.

Shoe size guide       3 TO 6           6.5 TO 9           9.5 TO 12

CALF                       14"-16"          15"-17"            16"-18"

ANKLE                    8.75"-10.5"    9.75"-11.5"       10.5"-12.25"

Scholl recommends you measure your calf and ankle to ensure correct fit. If the product feels loose, restrictive or if you experience pain or discomfort whilst wearing, discontinue use and consult a healthcare professional for guidance. Scholl recommends you should ideally have one measurement under the guidance of a healthcare professional.


93% polyamide, 7% elastane

Pack Size

1 pair

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